Comprehensive Luxury Watch Design Research and Development

Born in Biel/Bienne in Switzerland, Jacques spends his childhood in Neuchatel, Nyon, Geneva and then his “teen” years 15 miles from Geneva in Divonne-Les-Bains, which is a French town on the Swiss border. Jacques always had a strong passion for watches. After obtaining his first degree at the “Ecole des Beaux Arts” in Geneva, he decides to travel to learn English and discover other parts of the world. Back from his endeavors, he establishes in the south of France. When three dimensional softwares become powerful enough and affordable, he studies at the “Ecole Superieure d’infographie” in Marseille where he learns with immense interest 3D object modelling, 2D technical drawings production and the art of virtual images & short clips animations. These skills combined will make him become the luxury watch designer, allowing high standard competitiveness serving the global and Swiss watchmaking industry.

A private label company in the “Vallee de Joux”, home of the most famous Swiss watch factories, find Jacques talented. Soon he becomes in charge of exclusive timepieces creations for which he is always very inspired with an objective and new eye. Jacques wants to keep both activities going together, the product design development and also hyper-realistic virtual render production. These two extremely complementary disciplines allow to communicate limitless thoughts, visions and engineer product development the best way possible.

Horology Design Ltd. studio provides numerous watch designs for several renowned watchmakers globally. In 2010, USA watch brand Tsovet based in California, chose Jacques to design the new collections. Under the supervision of David Bonaventura, he has entirely re-looked the brands timepieces with the new SVT-AX87, SVT-GG42 and more recent SVT-PX87 collection released in Autumn 2012. Inspired by Industrial and aerospace design, it was somehow a perfect challenge for the Swiss designer always aiming to provide brands new groundbreaking timekeepers. When Jacques created the very first SVT-AX87, David’s immediately adhered the overall case look and particularly the incredible and exclusive idea of the ventilated crown guards which are now trademarked. It was the beginning of the long collaboration which was going to lead to many more creations.

With its unique and distinctive style, in 2011 Jacques also created and developed the entire five timezone G5 collection including the Grand, Global and digital Ghost series for Jacob & Co – New York.

In 2012, and after designing successfully stunning pieces for many other brands worldwide, Jacques creates his own Swiss Made Luxury brand called Wryst. The Wryst Airborne collection is dedicated to Extreme & Motor Sports with groundbreaking stylish look and unprecedented strength attributes.

HOROLOGY DESIGN LIMITED is today the only worldwide “one man show” company offering comprehensive luxury watch design development & OEM manufacturing management solution.

Luxury watch design studio Horology Design Ltd. is your best asset for:

  • – Luxury product design R&D consulting
  • – 3D visuals and technical support production
  • – Watch brand positioning, sector analysis
  • – Innovative & driven product enhancement
  • – Design copyright protection, IP services
  • – Portfolio of high-end watchmaking OEM
  • – Virtual animation for presentation purpose
  • – Product engineering & feasibility study
  • – CAO -DAO / technical drawings
  • – Rapid and/or functional prototype production
  • – Watchmaking manufacturing management