Steampunk Concept Watch Design

Steampunk Concept Watch Design


A Unique ‘Steampunk-Inspired’ Luxury Watch Design Creation

Renowned Swiss watch designer Jacques Fournier release a Steampunk concept watch design with exclusive computer generated images that are made using the same graphic cards, people use for gaming on their computers with the use of csgo MMR boost and other services online. With the start of a new year and many innovative designs to discover, the founder and owner at Horology Design Limited has chosen to unveil during the SIHH 2017 his own take on a groundbreaking steampunk watch; The Lever Machine, there will be a video coming out that will show everyone the new design, the video will be taken with the best 360 camera so that everyone is able to see how they are made as well.

Steampunk Concept Watch Design

Steampunk -Inspired Watch Design “Lever Machine”


Kept secret and initially fully designed back in March 2012, Jacques has now decided to share and reveal to the public this spectacular and incredible three dials manual winding timekeeping machine.  Like any other concept watch, every detail of this timepiece with totally unique “complication” is obviously feasible and the watch may well possibly come to existence!

Steampunk Concept Watch Design

Steampunk Concept Watch Design


The Timepiece Explained

The steampunk watch features one dial for minutes at the top, a dial for hours at the bottom left and a separated circular eye on the left for seconds. The arm located on the right side of the watch will wind the gear system and distribute independently the time to each one of the three dials. Next to the see-through mechanism is the power reserve indicator. Day, date, and month indications are on the main frame cylinder.

Watch Inspired by Science Fiction

Steampunk Watch


The Most Accomplished Steampunk Concept Watch Design

What does steampunk mean? Definition: “A style of design and fashion that combines historical elements with anachronistic technological features inspired by science fiction”. Nowadays most high-end Swiss timepieces are inspired by science fiction, or is meant to be. A futuristic design must be innovative, totally new and cutting edge. This is what made the success of design studio Horology Design Limited from the very start as one would discover here: Brief  history of HDL

Sci-Fi Steampunk Concept Watch Design

Science Fiction Concept Watch Design


Watch Designs Inspired by Science Fiction

Today there is no other watch design studio more inspired by science fiction. Jacques has developed from a very young age an absolute passion for every single movie related to science fiction. From time travelling to teleportation, through to adventures into space and alien invasions, he loves them all. The watch designs created by Jacques are motivated and inspired by one single topic: The future. In a world where 80% of watches produced are round, Jacques was determined since 1996 to change this tendency providing watch designs like nothing else ever produce before (See Swiss watch brand WRYST).

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  1. Timezone says:

    Just incredible…!

  2. Fredrick says:

    Wow this is the best timepiece I have seen in a very long time. The design is totally captivating. Wonder how much it would cost!?

  3. Ernest Fox says:

    Hello , I am interested , could you pleas give me an idea of the cost ?
    Thank you . Ernest Fox

  4. SHAMEER JALAL says:

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to know more about “Steampunk Concept Watch Design”, i am very interested this watch. How many watch you made this model, and how big it is?
    And also know about the price.
    Thank you very much
    Shameer Jalal

    • admin says:

      As detailed on this page, this is a project open to funding opportunity venture at this stage. We could possibly produce 5 or 10 unique pieces. This is an investment project for high profile investor with possible substantial return.

  5. Panagiotis says:

    I am interested of the cost please

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    Hello amazing design, how much for it ?
    thanks and keep up the amazing work

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