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Steampunk Concept Watch Design

Steampunk Concept Watch Design “THE LEVER MACHINE” A Unique ‘Steampunk-Inspired’ Luxury Watch Design Creation Renowned Swiss watch designer Jacques Fournier release a Steampunk concept watch design with exclusive computer generated images that are made using the same graphic cards, people use for gaming on their computers with the use of csgo MMR boost and other services online. With the start of a new year and many innovative...
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Tribute to Ferrari Racing Sports Cars Through Sport Watch Design

Product designer Jacques Fournier owner at Horology Design studio in UK wish to pay tribute to Ferrari racing sports cars through sport watch design. Vastly inspired by motor racing it features inspiration from dashboard AC fans (chronograph dials), interior seats (strap from Ferrari GTO seats), the oil top (crown), nose grill (dial) and pedals (chronograph pushers). The timepiece is offered in different versions with materials...
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80 days Hopper Reserve concept Swiss watch design

Horology Design Limited created a groundbreaking 80 days Hopper Reserve concept Swiss watch design with a lot of innovations. The ultra modern power reserve comes to life with two mechanical arms that slide out of the case sideways actionning a system of rods, axes and springs powering the two barrels. The designer does not stop there with a stopwatch control rocker never seen in watchmaking...
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